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The TV Shield score board solution at Mountain View Highschool

 PEC’s TV and Display Enclosures Provide Protection AgainstRainCold and hot weatherSun damage (film available)Water-ride splashes

Moisture (kit available)

Dirt and grime

Tampering and burglary

Pests like bugs and birds

Impact (flying objects)

 Read about PEC’s The Display Shield at the University of Alabama:


PEC’s Outdoor Electronic Sign Enclosures for Education:

Communication is crucial, especially across school campuses. This is why education signage is becoming an increasingly popular term. Educational facilities have a growing need to improve communication in the digital age which has led to the use of digital signage networks that stay up-to-date across entire college campuses and communicate messages in real-time. Beyond internal communication between faculty and students, digital signs are a much easier and efficient solution to stream game points on score boards and update school lunch menu displays. For higher education facilities, water-resistant digital monitors are a popular solution for digital advertisement boards in stadiums as well.

But digital signs aren’t cheap, so what happens to the budget when basketballs break the sign screens? And how can a digital display be used outdoors in the rain where it is at risk of water damage and vandalism? PEC offers affordable, durable, secure, weatherproof, outdoor TV and outdoor digital signage solutions to protect electronic message boards in indoor and outdoor environments.


PEC Has Found that Colleges, Universities and K-12 Schools have Many Needs for Weatherproof Digital Signage and Outdoor TV Solutions:

  • Sports Arena Marketing Displays
  • Theater Stage Screens and Digital Displays
  • Lunchroom Menu Boards
  • Electronic Score Boards
  • TVs and Digital Signs Near Pools
  • Entertainment Complex TVs and Monitors
  • TVs in Athletic Complexes and Gyms
  • Chorus and Choir Room Lyric Displays
  • Science Lab Education Boards
  • Outdoor TV Solution for PE and Recess
  • Child Safety Solution for TVs






PEC’s Education Industry Clients:

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