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 Outdoor TV Enclosure solution used by The National Navy Seals Museum

 PEC’s LCD TV Enclosures and Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures Provide Protection Against:



Cold weather

Hot temperatures

Sun damage (film available)

Moisture and condensation (kit available)

Dirt and grime

Vandalism, Tampering and theft

Pests like bugs and birds

Impact (flying objects)

 Some of PEC’s Current Clients:    

 national-navy-udt-seals-white-bg.jpg  valdez.jpg  Delaware National Guard uses The TV Shield

florida-air-national-guard.jpg  city-of-florence.jpg  national-park-service-glacier.png

PEC’s Weatherproof TV and Outdoor Digital Signage Solution for Government, Law & State Organizations:


PEC’s weatherproof LED TV enclosures and outdoor digital signage solutions are ideal for almost any federal government office, town hall, courthouse, capitol building, intelligence headquarter, state prison, jail, police station, army facility, national park, state park, ranger station, weapons depot, air force facility, military base, post office, light house, airbase, museum or memorial. Specifically designed for commercial applications, The Display Shield is especially popular for high traffic locations as well as high security environments that need safety minded display and TV enclosures.


The Display Shield Features:

  • The Display Shield comes in vertical and horizontal formats
  • The rain-resistant TV case is sealed to defend the digital monitor against moisture intrusion and water damage, using our ExactSeal sealing system!
  • A thermostatically controlled 36CFM, 115V filtered fan system is available to keep the TV or display cool in hot locations
  • The shatter-resistant front panel is secured with custom security screws that require a specific tool to remove
  • The tough back housing is manufactured with outdoor plastics that fortify the TV or display against impact
  • Two pre-installed louvered vents with an insect and moisture screen prevent heat buildup and bug intrusion which could otherwise fry the monitor
  • The Display Shield features rounded corners for hazard prevention which can be useful in prisons, institutions and more
  • The weatherproof TV enclosure is lightweight and easy to install
  • This TV case is a universal design that works with any standard VESA mount
  • The Display Shield is a unique and patented design
  • PEC units are MADE IN THE USA



The Display Shield Diagram:





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