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Durable flight board with temperature regulation for airports

 PEC’s TV Cases and Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures Provide Protection Against:



Cold temperatures

Hot weather

Sun damage (film available)

Moisture and condensation (kit available)

Dirt and grime

Tampering and theft

Pests like bugs and birds

Impact (flying objects)

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PEC’s Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures in the Transportation Industry:


PEC’s digital display enclosures are ideal for providing security and defense for digital monitors used in high traffic places, such as flight boards in airports. Travelers need communication in real-time about route changes as they happen, which calls for the use of digital signage solutions that are operational all day. Already used by airlines such as Jet Blue and Southwest, PEC’s protective TV and display enclosures are ideal for numerous applications in addition to aviation such as bus lines, subways, train stations and car lots. Even cross-country truck transportation companies have had needs for PEC’s protective LED TV enclosures.


Advantages of PEC’s Airport Digital Signage Solution:

No Burn-Out Concerns:

For some digital signage applications, information doesn’t need to be streaming across the sign all day long. However, in most transportation digital signage situations, departure and arrival times are ever-changing based on weather conditions, which means updated information needs to be shown for travelers 24 hours a day. This is why many airports, bus systems, and other public transportation services are no longer using mechanical boards and TVs for signage, but rather commercial digital monitors that are designed for ongoing usage. However, shoppers are also finding that pairing an affordable The Display Shield digital display enclosure with a vent and fan can help further regulate a display’s temperature for non-stop use. Even more helpful, using a protective case with flight boards protects them from passengers.

Modern Digital Signage Technology:

Mechanical boards with oscillating numbers were once the solution for communication in transportation hubs and then TV monitors became popular. However, regular consumer televisions lacked useful features for commercial signage shoppers such as scheduling (cited from Digital Signage Today). Many commercial shoppers are choosing standard digital signs paired with outdoor digital display enclosures for sign protection because this allows them to use the most updated signs with amazing features.

Secure in High Traffic Areas:

Millions of passengers pass through airports, metro stations, marinas, terminals, and train stations every day. One of the biggest challenges in high population areas is keeping digital monitors safe. PEC’s digital signage protection solutions are built to withstand high impact in the event of vandalism. An affordable lock kit can also be purchased with these enclosures to help prevent theft. Even certain graffiti such as spray paint can be washed off of the screen with special removal spray.

Weatherproof for Outdoor Applications:

From a New York snow storm to a Florida monsoon, PEC’s The TV Shield and The Display Shield enclosures are designed to withstand rain, snow, storms and extreme temperatures. Thermostatic fans and heaters, moisture kits, energy film to help prevent sun damage and various other accessories available with these extremely durable units make them a popular solution for almost any outdoor commercial environment. TVs located outside on boats ferries, and yachts are often replaced numerous times a year because of corrosion damage from salty air. However, PEC’s weatherproof digital signage and TV enclosure, The Display Shield, is composed of highly durable outdoor plastic that is not damaged by salt. The unit helps prevent damage to the TV or display housed inside.


 Some Transportation Companies that use PEC’s Digital Display Enclosures:

outdoor signage enclosures used by GM General Motors southwest-airlines-logo-2014.svg.png The Display Shield salt water prevention TV enclosure used by Fire Island Ferries salt-water corrosion prevent tv enclosure for Sunrise Yachts digital signage board for airport, Jet Blue


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