The TV Shield™ and The Display Shield are the only TV Enclosure / Case product on the market that is equipped to be produced in mass quantities, rather than on an individually quoted and ordered basis. With mass-production we get huge cost savings. What this means for you? Lower cost.

We have invested significant time and money to research superior outdoor materials and develop, engineer, and design a mass manufacturing process.

Using custom designed and manufactured water-cooled aluminum molds (very expensive to design and purchase) and a vacuum forming process, in an award winning, full service manufacturing facility enables us to produce a high quality product, at a highly affordable price to the end consumer, while also keeping our manufacturing in the USA.

Although the upfront costs of mass manufacturing in outdoor plastics is great, the cost savings and incredible gains in strength and durability, and the corresponding reduction of weight, in relation to using metals, wood or fiberglass allows us to produce a supremely advanced product that is affordable. You will be comparing apples to oranges, but we encourage you to shop around, not only is our product superior in every way, it is 50-75% cheaper than that of our nearest competitor, as well as being 50-75% lighter, saving you a large amount on shipping costs.

Because The TV Shield™ and The Display Shield is manufactured using lightweight and durable plastics, and is very light, shipping costs to the customer are greatly reduced, and installation is much easier and able to be mounted using a standard TV mount purchased either through our site or any other retailer. The end result is a more user friendly, affordable product.

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