The TV Shield® and The Display Shield® enclosures are built to be durable and versatile.

Versatile — We built our residential and commercial TV and display enclosures to be versatile and universal to fit numerous TV sizes from a 19 inch to a 60 inch TV or Display, and use a standard VESA mount system. Engineered and manufactured in the US to be the most universal full enclosure that will fit almost any indoor or outdoor LCD, LED or Plasma television, flat panel display or digital signage. The TV Shield® also allows you to watch the TV directly with the hinged front cover opened or closed and secured. The Display Shield® is designed to allow you to protect and secure any display while allowing an ultra-clear view of the display.

Durable — Our universal, patented outdoor TV enclosures are built to protect against water, dust, weather, flying objects, tampering, vandalism and theft! Designed with specialized, high strength outdoor plastics “HMWPE” that can withstand hot & cold temperatures, direct and long term sun exposure, weather, rain, oxidation and flying objects. The front panel is even more high tech and made from an industry leading ¼ thick ultra-clear LEXAN® polycarbonate, which is the same material used in bulletproof glass. The TV Shield® and The Display Shield® are highly durable!

Best of all, The TV Shield™ and The Display Shield were designed, engineered, and are manufactured here in the USA.

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