Are you concerned with the possible theft, tampering or vandalism of your TV or Digital Signage/Display in your home or business, indoors or outdoors? Our display and tv enclosures The TV Shield® and The Display Shield® are secure weatherproof TV and Display enclosures, which protect the TV or Display from vandalism, tampering and theft.  Our two key chambered lock system on The TV Shield® or security screw system on The Display Shield® offers additional protection from theft, vandalism and tampering.  The front panel on The TV Shield® hinge is also secured to the enclosure with security rivets to prevent removal. The front shield on both type of enclosures is a made of an industry leading shatter resistant ultra-clear Lexan® Polycarbonate.  With The TV Shield’s® ability to easily be opened, and secured in the open position,  the TV can be watched in either the closed or open position which makes it a great solution for your outdoor patio or any outdoor entertainment area. The Display Shield® our commercial model is also used in many bars, restaurant’s, sports stadiums, government agencies, institutional environments and in many other business and commercial applications to protect and secure TV’s and Digital Displays against theft, vandalism, and unwanted tampering.

The enclosures front ultra-clear Lexan® brand shatter resistant polycarbonate front shield is built to withstand hard impacts, therefore providing more protection than any outdoor TV can offer.  The Lexan® front shield is the same material used in bulletproof glass, race car windshields and high end eye glasses. With the proprietary design of our enclosures, the security lock systems and the front Lexan® shield our enclosures are a robust protection and security solution for your TV. The TV Shields and The Display Shields are your TV/Display’s personal body guard.


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