PEC enclosures are engineered to be weatherproof outdoor TV enclosures and outdoor display enclosures (that enable you to take standard indoor LCD, LED TV’s and Digital Display/Signage outdoors) or protect them in indoor environments. They are light, durable, secure and affordable. All areas that open are lined with a water resistant seal, sealing out the elements including rain, water, dust, bugs etc. Marine grade, louvered and screened aluminum vents are provided on both sides of all PEC enclosures to allow proper air flow, as well as venting of any heat built up from the TV. The bottom of each enclosure has custom designed cord “pass trough’s”, which seal around the cords, further enhancing intrusion protection.

The ultra-clear front shield / window is locked down to compress and completely seal and secure the front panel onto the specially designed weatherproof seal which further locks out any rain or dust, and completely encloses your TV or Digital Signage. This allows the enclosures shield to deflect and protect the TV against large amounts of water or rain and does not allow anything inside the enclosure. In our testing, we took a pressurized hose and sprayed water directly at enclosures from all angles; and nothing got through, not one drop, not even after 60 minutes. Hundreds of hours of engineering have gone into the design of The TV Shield and The Display Shield to ensure that your equipment is protected from weather and water intrusion.

Our weatherproof enclosure is able to handle it all. Our The TV Shield® or The Display Shield® enclosures provide complete weatherproof protection for TV’s and Displays in over 4000 locations since 2012. Our enclosures are used by consumers and many commercial customers worldwide. Our products are used in outdoor sports stadiums like RFK and Georgia Tech, race tracks like Talladega, in hotels like the W in South Beach, Marriot and Sheraton; and in many correctional and institutional facilities and even in a mine in Chile.

Want to have an indoor TV or display and leave it outdoors all the time? You are now able to protect any standard indoor LCD, LED or Plasma TV/Display from the weather, water, rain, bugs, salt, flying objects, tampering and theft. Now that is possible with The TV Shield® or The Display Shield® as they allow you to have security and protection providing you with peace of mind. Be sure to check out pricing at our stores, we promise you that our enclosures are the most robust, highly engineered and affordable options on the market.

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